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Five Important IT and Technology Trends in Japan

2020 should be really exciting for IT and Technology, and Japan is at the center of it all. Like the European “Industry 4.0” or Singaporean “Smart Country” initiative, the “Society 5.0” initiative is taking form in Japan.Throughout recent years, Japan has stepped up its attempts to reform its technology-oriented approach, and the amount of exhibits and trade shows focused on emerging innovations has grown ever further. Through this post, we would like to present to you the most relevant developments in IT and Technology in Japan for 2020. Also, have a peek at the list of exhibits at the end of this post and let us know if you’re involved in any of them!

1. IOT

Lamps, coffee machines, clocks, shoes. Those are the best explanations of how the Internet of Things is transforming our culture and our way of life. In Japan, IoT is at the core of the Society 5.0 initiative and is reflected by electric vehicles , smart factories and houses. Moreover, with its increasingly ageing and declining workforce, Japan is now increasing the capacity of IoT to help its elderly community in the healthcare sector. Healthcare is already integrating with technology, and Japan is taking advantage of it.

2. 5G and Mobility

5 G is another important problem for 2020 in Japan. Also if Chinese firms become competitors in 5 G technology and licenses, the Japanese Government intends to contribute billions of dollars to fund the production of ultra-high – speed connectivity. According to NTT Docomo, one of Japan’s major mobile providers, the firm plans to extend its 5 G consumer coverage to all 45 prefectures by June 2020, well before the Olympic Games. Not just infrastructure, however 5 G would also change the realm of computer gaming. Recently shown at the Tokyo Game Show in 2019, game-makers are still taking advantage of ultra-high – speed 5 G broadband service networks to reinvent the field of games. 

3. AI

AI is potentially one of the key trends for 2020 and part of the Society 5.0 initiative. According to the research of the EU-Japan Center for Industrial Cooperation, Japanese firms involved in consumer electronics have a clear presence among applicants with the highest number of patents. At present, in Japan, the patent market is regulated by image recognition, information collection and similar technology for medical diagnosis. Nevertheless, the most rapid development can be seen in the world of robotics.


Also, AI-related technology, like IoT, will help address societal problems such as ageing population, labour scarcity, and so on. Throughout the area of HR, the introduction of AI technology at the workplace is accepted with excitement. For eg, according to the Oracle and Future (AI at Work) report, 29 percent of Japanese people admitted using any type of AI at work. The prospects in Japan are very high and the amount of exhibits linked to AI technology is rising much further in 2020.

4. Robotics

With the 2015 Latest Robot Plan, the Robot Movement is now formally underway in Japan. While most people have a human picture when talking of robots, in Japan a robot is essentially an autonomous computer device with sensors, an autonomous control system, and a drive mechanism. Robotics prospects in Japan are wide-ranging: from engineering to health care; from facilities maintenance to disaster reduction.

5. Digital Marketing

Even though it’s a little slower relative to some other nations, digital marketing is finally going on in Japan. Marketing Automation and Online Marketing are only two instances of this transition. Across the world , digital marketing exhibits, seminars and conferences have become ever more popular.