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Japanese Website Technology Trends

For more than 10 years of experience in the Information Technology sector, the Marketing Strategist of Wix Japan is dedicated to designing marketing and development strategies to accelerate growth and brand recognition in Japan. At the case, the Marketing Strategist of Wix Japan offered insights into past and present Japanese website design patterns and what consumer requirements should be remembered when creating content for Japanese consumers.

Japanese Internet Technology Characteristics 

Japanese websites are known to be busy and text-intensive, particularly for companies with a larger audience, such as NTT Docomo, Lawson, and Yahoo! Japan. Yet why are they built like this? the Marketing Strategist of Wix Japan claimed that the explanation is that Japanese consumers tend to see as much detail as possible while browsing at websites.

When contrasting 7Eleven’s website for Japanese and American customers, the Marketing Strategist of Wix Japan noticed that the American portal has a lot of white space and sparse text whereas the Japanese platform is filled with details and information. 

Traits of Japanese Consumer

The Marketing Strategist of Wix Japan has found 3 explanations why Japanese consumers want so much details.

  1. Hard to Earn The Confidence 

According to the 2019 Edelman Confidence Barometer, Japan is one of the countries that do not value companies. Japanese consumers may be suspicious regarding new businesses that have not yet proven their reputation and price. It may be especially challenging for the older generation, which actually makes up one third of Japan ‘s population.


  1. Action check 

Japanese websites are filled with info, anecdotes and statistics so consumers need to be 100 % positive about the credibility of the business and the product or service.

  1. High Quality Expectations 

American Express Company also reported that 56 per cent of Japanese consumers would move their company away following one poor service incident, which implies that whether the service is not sufficiently clarified or does not reach consumer expectations, the client will be searching at other options.

Japanese Localisation Made Good 

The Marketing Strategist of Wix Japan looked at Shopify ‘s Japanese website as an illustration of a perfect job to find a product.

Shopify discusses all three aspects of what the Japanese user is searching for on the Japanese website: 

  1. There are additional sections for customer support, success stories, and user interviews to gain the trust of the target market. 
  1. It contains more information from the amount of shop sites to the number of specialists and software used to gain legitimacy.
  1. The apps are clarified clearly by diagrams, supplemented by a comprehensive description, to illustrate the standard of the service. 

The Balance Between Design and Information

While Japanese web design is changing, Japan is still in transition. Finding a solution that offers knowledge without losing functionality may be a challenge.The Marketing Strategist of Wix Japan suggested that you hold your company in mind and consider the thought of your customer in order to build the best concept for your market.